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Global Domains International Inc offers you a website plus a FREE high tech video marketing system that does the selling for you!  Make money home with a true, lifelong residual income with Global Domains International.


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Global Domain International

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GDI Hi-Tech automated marketing system is free with each GDI account and does the selling for you! 

Global Domains International
GDI $10 and a Dream...

Affiliate marketing is a business that requires a little more than you might think.  There are numerous things to think about like:

• Website design
• Creative ads
• Advertising in general
• Product
• Sales page
• Payment processing
• How to promote
• Build a list

These along with any number of other tasks abound. Don't get us wrong now; affiliate marketing can be a lucrative venture IF you start out knowing what you are after.  Global Domains International knows these things and has the answer for you. Not only an answer, but an AMAZING affordable answer as well!

For just $10 a month and a dream, you can readily obtain the essentials you need to start out. That's right! You can start your business painlessly and almost effortlessly.

Your ten bucks a month gets you the following:

1. A ready-to-go website AND the hosting needed.
2. A sales video that does the selling for you.
3. A What You See Is What You Get website builder.
4. Ten (10) email addresses.

This package is an outstanding value for the price. As a matter of fact, we dare you to find a better deal anywhere on the Internet. The website and hosting gets you up and running immediately. This gives you the ability to start earning right away. Whether you sell the GDI website packages or tailor the site to your own product line, your site starts working for you right away!

The sales video is an auto-pilot selling agent that works for you 24/7/365. Any time of the day or night, customers can access your business. The ability to make money while you sleep is a major aphrodisiac that cannot be passed up.  The dynamic video makes your point, presents the product and warms your prospect to the idea of pressing the "buy now" button.

What's more, you can do business globally. Any user at any point on the globe can get to your site. That gives you not only a national presence but a GLOBAL presence like any other serious company.

The website builder allows you to customize your site any time you want. Add products, change things around, rearrange your creative or alter the look and feel of the site. Anything you want to do is at your fingertips at any given moment. You are the boss and you decide what to do with your website.

The email addresses can be used for your own purposes or rented to a select set of customers/clients. Either way, you choose how to use them. Even if you use them for multiple product line contact points, you cannot lose. Even Yahoo only gives you only one address! With Global Domains International, you get 10.

All you really need to get going is $10 and a dream. Whatever your dream is, isn't it worth ten bucks to make it come true? If you're like us, that answer is a resounding "YES!". 

For $10 you can make that dream come true! The hardest thing for you to do is simply to start so don't waste another minute. 

Every minute that passes by is money lost!

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Global Domains International News

 2008 Listen to Live and Archived .WS Internet Shows
 2008 Live Chat Now Available with Your GDI Upline and Downline
 2008 Global Domains International Gift Cards Now Available
 2008 Spanish Added as a Second Language on All Corporate Global Domains International Sites


















Hello Global Domains International Affiliate. 
Whether you are purely a customer using our products and services, or also an affiliate promoting them, we have an incredibly exciting year in store for you!

Michael Starr and Alan Ezeir  

2007 proved to be another milestone year for Global Domains International. 2006 was previously our best year ever in terms of revenue and profit, and last year we once again exceeded the prior year's marks for both. Some of the exciting improvements we brought you in 2007 include:

  • Accepting PayPal as another form of payment.
  • Allowing username changes.
  • Offering domains in several other extensions in addition to our core .WS suffix.
  • Allowing customers to prepay for domains instead of paying monthly.
  • Releasing our Dynamic DNS system so .WS domains are updated in real-time.
  • Increasing the default mailbox size from 100 megabytes to 1 gigabyte (10 times increase!).
  • Being approved as a member of the Direct Selling Association (the world's foremost trade association of exclusive, top-tier, network marketing companies).

As great as our growth to date has been, we continue to strive to take it to the next level. Our goal is to provide our customers the best products possible and make every part of your online experience with us enjoyable and fulfilling.

To this end, we have been spending a great deal of time and resources researching exactly what our customers want from us. In addition to the highly personalized domains we offer, the vast majority of our customers use webmail and SiteBuilder. With that in mind, we have already started work on two of our core initiatives for this new year. We will soon be rolling out all new webmail and SiteBuilder interfaces combining cutting edge technology with extreme ease of use. This will not only give every customer a much improved user experience, but will also arm our affiliates with products they can promote with confidence and pride. The goals are simple: Make it easier for you to do what you want to do, and have more fun doing it!

This year will also bring all our offerings in Spanish. We chose this language to start because this is the one we currently receive an overwhelming number of requests for. We silently launched replicated sites and the new customer order flow in Spanish last month, and the results thus far have been even better than expected. Soon everything, including the members area, will also be available in Spanish. As time goes on and we monitor the success of the Spanish project, we will consider releasing additional languages as well.

We will also be unveiling an affiliate status achievement system to reward everyone with visual recognition for your efforts. Furthermore, we will be forming an official Growth Advisory Council comprised of leading affiliates in the field. This will give council members special access to corporate leadership and provide a forum where they may share their successful strategies, enabling us to relay the information to the rest of the field for better training, and guide all to success. The criteria for this elite group will be announced in upcoming months.

We sincerely thank all of you, and you have our word we are working hard to continually improve upon the current offerings we bring you. We are confident this year will turn out to be our best year yet once again, and each of you, our customers, make it all worthwhile. Stay tuned for more information to come!


Global Domains International now accepts Pay Pal


Global Domains International accepted into the DSA (Direct Selling Association)


Global Domains International now offers other domain extentions, ie: com & net
 2004 Tips and Tools to Help You Successfully Grow Your Global Domains International Business
 2004 Everything You Need to Get Started Making Money Online with Global Domains International - Just Check Corporate News in Your Back Office!
 2002 Global Domains International named # 37 on "Inc500 List" of fastest growing companies
 2000 Entrepreneur Magazine featured story about Global Domains International
 1999 Global Domains International founded by Michael Reed and Alan Ezeir



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GDI Feature Article "Global Domains International, Inc., (GDI) has the potential to become the largest direct sales/network marketing company in the world in terms of number of distributors and customers," says NMBJ, the Network Marketing Business Journal.

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