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4 For The Price Of 1 ...
a Global Domains International Offer

by DMarie Holtz

Copyright © Nov 16, 2007

The Amazing Offer

There are thousands of opportunities online, but hardly ever does an amazing offer like Global Domains International come along. For just $10 per month, you can receive your own website with hosting, a website builder, 10 email addresses, and a free sales video that does the selling for you.

Quick and Painless Web Site

The first piece of the puzzle you will receive is a fully automated website with hosting. For some people it takes months to build up a website worth presenting to customers. For just $10 a month, you can get instant access to a website that can more than ready to present to customers within a very short while using the additional web building tools that come with a Global Domains International web site. We will tell you about those a little later. Suffice it to say, the quick and painless way to build a web site is better. It is recommended that you customize your site to fit your business, but it helps you get started making money immediately.

Automatic Sales Video

When you join Global Domains International, you will have access to a free sales video to help build residuals for you 24/7. One of the key reasons so many people fail at internet marketing is because they do not have the proper training materials and do not have anything to market the program with. This free sales video will allow you to learn everything you need to about the company so that you can begin making sales. After learning about the company yourself, you can then use the video to easily generate sales to others. All you need to do is change the user name within the address of the free sales video to your own user name and you are ready in seconds to market it to the world via email or ads. It is complete, entertaining and does the selling for you. We have seen marketing systems that were not even as good as this one costing up to $40 a month. This system is included free with each $10 a month Global Domains International account and can be set up instantly.

WYSIWYG Web Site Builder

The next piece you receive with your $10 per month is a wysiwyg website builder, which comes in handy for a number of reasons. WYSIWYG stands for “what you see is what you get”. You do not need to know html language to build your site with a wysiwyg web site builder. You can easily design what you want on your web page in an interface similar to a word processor. The wysiwyg editor built into the Global Domains International web site builder will transform what is on your screen into the html language the Internet needs to show on your web page on the Internet. As mentioned, it is recommended that you customize your site to suit your business. With the website builder, you can do just that rather easily. Over time, you will learn that your site is never completed because you constantly have to add fresh and enticing information. The website builder will allow you to quickly place additions to the site.

10 Email Addresses

Last up on the list of four is 10 email addresses, which many people do not realize the benefit of. Having several different email addresses allows you to keep your orders organized in an orderly manner. It will also give you the power to sign up for several different programs through different email addresses.

The Overview

From time to time there comes an internet business that blows everything comparable to it right out of the water. Global Domains International is proving to be just that with incredible opportunities and an amazing offer you simply cannot pass up. For the minute price of just $10 a month, you will receive four pieces to building a respectable business online. They are so easy, even someone brand new to the Internet ( a newbie) can easily use them to begin making money online right away - yet so powerful, they can also benefit seasoned Internet marketers. This is truly an opportunity that is simply too good to pass up.


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