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This free automated marketing system from Global Domains International includes:

  • A video sales site that can be personalized by you within seconds.  You just insert your user name into the special web addresses provided for you by GDI.
  • Auto responder system built in that can be personalized by you within seconds.  Let the GDI marketing system do the follow up for you automatically!
  • Email tutorial about how to qualify for the multiple $100 weekly bonuses.
  • An invite system in your Global Domains International back office that can send out GDI invitations for you.
  • Each account has a free hi-tech marketing system built into it that can build residual income for you almost like magic!  All you do is put a banner or link on your web site or in an ad somewhere on the Internet that can be clicked on by a prospect and the system "does the selling for you". 

This Global Domains International system is offered at no extra charge to all new GDI members.  Just start GDI for free and you will receive a welcome email from GDI via your sponsor's email automatically within seconds that contain all the instructions you will need to get started.

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The Global Domains International state of the art marketing system has been helping people build quiet fortunes from home, even if they are new to marketing and business!

The Advanced Global Domains International
Web Site Promotion We Offer  

We'll Show You How To Earn Income for Life ™
with a Global Domains International Web Site! 

The bonuses & free marketing program you get with a Global Domains International website is outstanding...  especially for the cost of just $10/ month!  But, you want to be set for life, don't you? 
Of course you do.  Who wouldn't?

Well, GDI gives you the opportunity to do just that!  But you have to start thinking BIG!  Really BIG because GDI is much more than just a great affiliate program!  You can also set up your Global Domains International website to make money from ads and affiliate programs placed on your site, and it won't cost you a dime!

Google Ad Revenue for your website from Google gives the ads, you get the clicks and you get the money!
Web site

Take Your Website and Wallet to New Heights 

Website owner makes $40K Per Month using website advertising.
gmar logo Google for the Golden Years  from With a few quick clicks, make your web site into a moneymaking machine.

There's even a club for people that make at least $10,000 a month from the Google™ advertising on their websites.  It's called, the UPS club.  UPS because when you reach $10,000 in monthly revenue from Google- Google™ sends your check overnight by way of UPS!  Check it out on the Google search engine.  Just go to and type in "UPS club"!

You can make so much more money long term using ads and affiliate programs on your GDI website.  This is why we like to set up our GDI sites this way... And this is what we will show you how to do!  So, in addition to what you'll get in the basic Global Domains International program above, if you join GDI here, you will also receive the following training and bonuses...

  • Learn how to easily place ads on your site, where to find them and which ones you can use together. 
  • Learn how to promote affiliate programs and where to find the best ones that can pay you the most money. 
  • Learn how to use your GDI site promote your own product or service, even if you don't have one now!  Basically learn how to turn any hobby or interest into a business that takes just minutes a day!
  • Learn secret SEO (Search Engine Optimization) techniques and what you will need to do to get your web site in the top 10.
  • Find out all of the free and low cost Internet advertising sources that have worked for us and can be set up immediately!
  • Learn about PPC (Pay Per Click) Advertising, the best sources and how it can start working for you right away!
  • Get FREE advertising for your web site as the SEO techniques we teach you begin to bring free traffic to your site. 
  • Receive a secret special GDI landing page that was made special for our GDI group!  It has a 50% higher conversion rate and can be personalized by you within seconds!
Receive 5 Free Extra Bonus Pages to Promote
Just By Joining Global Domains International Here Today!

Free Web Site Bonus Templates
As a special bonus for joining GDI here today, you'll get 5 extra professionally designed web pages complete with auto responders to help you promote GDI.  Each one can be personalized within seconds!  And these are in addition to your GDI web site and auto-responder!

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